Yushi Horikichi (初代彫吉) Video Interview

Yushi Horikichi (初代彫吉) Video Interview

Join us in the tenth episode of The Figure Behind The Ink interview series, where we interview respected traditional Japanese tattooers, Horishi (彫師), from around the world.

We will be diving to unparalleled depths in traditional Japanese tattooing (Wabori/Horimono) interviewing coverage. The tenth Horishi to be interviewed for this new video and audio series is none other than @yushi_horikichi.

Learn the origins and evolution of a world-renowned traditional Japanese tattooer, whose powerful hand-poke Tebori compositions marry centuries-old tradition with Horikichi's own flare.

This interview was first published on 10/20/2023 in the @waboripedia YouTube channel.

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