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Waboripedia Book (Blemished Copies)

Waboripedia Book (Blemished Copies)

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[Note: These are Waboripedia hardcover copies with cosmetic blemishes on the hardcover. As a bonus for purchasing a copy with cosmetic blemishes, such as bent corners or minor discoloring, you will also receive a complementary copy of the digital version of the book. ]

[Orders for blemished copies are final and strictly non-refundable.]

Waboripedia brings the true meanings and stories behind traditional Japanese tattooing, also known as Wabori (和彫り), in a high-quality book format.

Through coverage of over 100 figures, learn about the Japanese folktales, legends, and history of the figures and symbols featured in Japanese tattooing. Learn about what accompanying pieces, backgrounds, colors and placements make historical sense - maintaining the Japanese aesthetic and balance that uninformed practitioners might miss.

Through carefully color-restored illustrations of artworks - such as the ukiyo-e works of Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Utagawa Yoshitsuya and others - experience the art that gave life to the origins of Japanese tattooing and that continue to inspire people all across the world to this day. 


Book Details

Title: Waboripedia: The Meanings and Stories Behind Japanese Tattoos

ISBN: 979-8-9887840-0-5

Format: Hardcover

Dimensions: Royal (6.14 x 9x21 in / 156 x 234 mm)

Page Count: 164


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